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1988 Goldeneye Duck Stamp
9th Street in Cleveland
A Blue and Orange Bird
A Field of Dreams
A Frosty Morning
A Marines Life
A Nose for Business
A Passion for Red
A Pleasant Find
A Quiet Moment
A Rare Find
A Storm Coming Up
A Touch of Black Magic
A Touch of Spring
A Wing and a Preyer
A Winters Perch
Above the Farm
Accokeek View
Ahead of the Storm
Airedales by the Fire
Alberta Men
Amazing Grazing
Americas Favorite
Anchored Up
Anniversary Waltz
Annual Church Bazaar
Another Fishing Lesson
Art on Stone
Artist Biographies
As Time Goes By
Auf Wiedersehen
Autumn Brook
Autumn in the Air
Autumn Light
Autumn Longbeards
Autumn Proud
Autumn Refuge
Autumn Splendor
Autumn Trio
Autumn Visitors
Autumns Call
Baby Bunny
Baby Cougar
Back Yard Visitors
Bad Attitude
Bald Eagle I
Bandits Lookout
Barnyard Boss
Barred Owl in Sycamore
Bassetts by the Fireplace
Beagles by the Fireplace
Bearly Climbing
Bearly There
Bearly Wading
Beaver Trapper
Beginning Trail
Best of Friends
Between Sets
Big River Challenge
Big Timber
Big Woods Ambush
Bippity Boppity Boo
Black Beauty
Black Capped Chickadee
Black Crappies
Blizzard of 93
Blood Root
Blue Bird
Blue Jay
Blue Reflections
Bracing for the Giant
Brown Bombers
Brownsville - Brown Trout
Bucket Seat
Bucking the Odds
Bull of the Woods
Bull Session
Busy Harbor
Buttonwood in Winter
Cabin Fever
Calm Waters - Fish
Calm Waters - Whales
Carolina Wren
Casting the Hounds
Cats Eyes
Caught in the Act
Cedar Waxing
Champs Day
Changing of the Guard
Chesapeake Pintail
Chickadees on the White Pine
Chipmunk Surprise
Chocolate Lab
Christmas Angel
Christopher B. Walden
Chumstick Traveler
Circle of Life
Cleared for Landing
Cliff Dweller
Cliff Hanger
Close Encounter
Close to Home
Cloud Nine
Clubhouse Turn
Coho on the Run
Columbia After the Storm
Coming Home
Coming Off the Green Field
Command Performance
Conflict of Interest
Cottontail and Shaggy Manes
Country Road Cardinals
Country Spring
Country Summer
Court Jester
Covered Dish
Covey Cover
Covey Rise
Custom Art on Stone 10x14
Custom Art on Stone 5x7
Custom Art on Stone 8x10
Dance of the False Face
Daniel K. Tennant
Davey Crocket
Days Gone By
Deep Water Prowler
Delivering Fish
Dog Day Afternoon
Doug Miller
Down from the Roast
Downy Woodpecker
Dreams Fulfilled - Jacobs Field
Early Morning
Edge of Dawn
Elegant Woodies
Elusive Drummers
Enchanted Lakes Wilderness
End of the Trip
English Pointer
English Setter
Evening Descent
Evening Glow
Evening Light
Ever Blue
Exuberance I
Exuberance II
Faithful Friend
Fall Barn
Fall Winds
Familiar Path
Farewell to Fall II
Fathers Favorite
Fence Row Pheasants
Field Supervisor
Final Roper Hires
First Light of Autumn
First Outing
Flying High
Fourth of July
Friends Stick Together
Friendship is a Gift From God
Frog Legs
Full Cry
Fullmoon - Trumpeter Swan
German Sheppard
Golden Morning
Golden Opportunity
Golden Retriever
Gone Fishin
Good News Bad News
Gotta Ride
Great Northern Lynx
Green Fish
Gulf of Georgia Cannery
Guy Crittenden
H.M.C.S. Trentonian
Heading for New Cover
Heading Out
Heading Up Stream
Helping Out
Hidden Falls
Hidden Prize
Hide n Seek
High Country Hunter
High Field Flush
High Perch
High Point
Holding Down the Fort
Home at Last
Home for Christmas
Honeymoon Suite
Horse Thief Moon
Hot Diggety Dog
How Time Flies
Hummingbird and Honeysuckle
In the Fast Lane - Canvasbacks
In the Zone
In Trouble Again
In Tune With Nature
Indian Creek Ambush
Indian Henry Camp
Indigo Bunting
Into the Fire
Its Closing Time
Jack Paluh
Jewels of Summer
Jim Bowie
Jim Tschetter
Jungle Solitude
Kelly Ridge
Knot Sharing
Larry Chandler
Last Days of the American River
Last Embers
Last Light
Launch Site
Leaders of the Pack
Learning the Ropes
Leon Parson
Lessons in Survival
Life on the Edge
Little Red
Lloyd B. Gore
Lone Wanderer
Long Point Woodies
Long Shadows
Lookin Good Brittany Spaniel
Loon Serenade
Loons on String Lake
Lost Bay
Low Tide
Magnificent Rivoli
Maiden Voyage
Majestic Flight
Majesty in the Pines
Make Our Day
Marine Life
Meadow Outpost - Larks
Medicine Horse
Mia Lane
Michael Coleman
Mid Morning
Middle Creek Snow Storm
Mirror Image
Misty Days
More Pups
More Snow Coming
Morning Call
Morning Coast
Morning Light - Pintail
Morning Mist Loons
Morning Reveille
Morning Sage Elk
Morning Trophy
Mothers Day
Mothers Day at the Park
Mountain Cove
Mountain Majesty
Mountain Winds - Grizzly
Moving Machinery
Muskie Bay
My Girls
No Bull
No Milk Today
Nobles II
Nobles III
Nocturnal Giant
Northern Companions
Northern Flight
Northern Steelhead
Northrup Canyon Nomad
Northwoods Christmas
Not a Moments Rest
October Sun
Old Orchard Hideaway
Old Trucks and Good Dogs
Old West
On Alert
On Alert - Cougar
On the Grounds
On the Move
On Watch
One Buck
Open Invitation
Orca Playground
Orca Trio
Orchard Tiger
Over the Top
Pacific Overture - Remarque
Packin Out
Painted Trillium
Paradise Valley
Passin the Buck
Perfect Shot
Photo Labs
Pick of the Crop
Pins and Needles
Pintail and Mallard
Playful Orca
Possession is 9-10ths
Prep School
Prince of the Wales
Purple Finch
Quadra Island
Quail Hunting An American Tradition
Quest for Survival Timber Wolf
Rain Forest
Randy McGovern
Red Coat - Beagles and Hare
Red Sails at Sunset
Red Scarf
Red Wolf
Refreshing Pause
Research Lab
Retriever - Chesapeake Bay
Retrievers by the Fireplace
Riding High
Riding the Coattails
Risky Business
River Crossing
River Horses
River Horses II
Robert Sissel
Robert Walton
Rock Ridge Crossing
Rocky Mountain Traffic Jam
Rough Waters
Royal Flush
Royal Wood Duck
Rustic Royalty
Rustic Royalty II
Safe Passage
Scare Tactic
Scent Savvy
Scissortail and Red Buds
Secluded Paradise
Seneca Lake Canvasback
September Frost
September Snow
Shifting Elements
Short Cut
Short Eared Owl
Shrimp Wreck
Silent Hunter
Silvertips Pool
Simple Pleasures
Sioux War Pony
Sittin Ducks
Sitting Pretty
Sleepy Hollow Blue Birds
Snow Fire
Snow Leopard
Snowy Haven
Something in the Air
Something Out There
Something to Crow About
Sonoran Elegance
South Bass Island Lighthouse
Speed King
Spinnin Yarns
Spirit of Alaska
Spirit of Kakwa
Spotted Dolphin
Spring Fever
Spring Preening
Spring Solace
Springtime Tanager
Sprucin Up
Staying After School
Still Life
Storm Coaster
Sugar and Spice
Summer Meadow
Summer Memories
Summer Rapture
Summer Shadows
Summer Time Blues
Summer Visitors
Sunbonnet Quilt Shop
Sunday Morning
Susan Sponenberg
Taking Care of Business
Tales of Twin Creek
Tea for Three
Teacher Peace Maker
Terry Doughty
Texas Hold Em
The Awakened Spirit
The Blues Singer
The Bridges of Charleston
The Chase is On
The Drifters
The Evening Post
The Gifts of Nature
The Gill Gang
The Honey Tree
The Hunter
The Parade
The Pride of Tekoa Mountain
The Prize
The Retreat
The Scout
The Seabus
The Sentinel
The Tradition Continues
The Veterans
The Waterboys
The Woods have Eyes
Three Horse Binder Hitch
Threes Company
Thunder Run - Horses
Ties that Bind
Time Travels
Titmice and Milkweed
Tom Peter Swan Doves
Tom Sierak
Too Close for Comfort
Too Steep for My Lichen
Tough Choice
Tree Top Dancer
Trick or Treat
Trouble Bruin
True Pair
Twilight Glade
Two Boats
Tyler Thompson
Udderly Full
Under the Mist
Upward Mobility
Victoria Wilson-Schultz
Violet Crowned Hummingbird
Vixen Dinner
Waiting for Masters Command
Waiting for the Tide
Waiting to Tie Up
Wake Up Call
Walking in Sunshine
Wapiti Falls
Waterfront Property
We Are So Sorry
Wedding Dance
Whats That
Where Did He Go
Whispering Pines
White Eared Hummingbird
White Throated Sparrow
Whos Hunting Who
Wilderness Echoes
Wind Surfer
Winds of Change
Wings As Eagles
Winner Take All
Winter Birds - Remarque
Winter Bridge
Winter Duet
Winter Fox
Winter Garden
Winter Kitten Bobcat
Winter Range Elk
Winter Solitude
Winter Toms
Winter Twilight
Winter Watch
Winters Warmth
Wise One
Woodcock Camp
Wooded Lane
Woodie Waters
Woodland Accord
Woodland Warriors
Workin the Edge
Working the Set
Wrong Basin
Wyoming Snake River Trout
Yellow Lab I
Yours and Mine