Christopher B. Walden

Christopher B. Walden
Item# SVB0001

Christopher Walden was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1954. He began sketching wildlife at an early age and developed into an accomplished pencil artist. In 1980 Chris emigrated to the United States with hopes of bringing his family’s boat building business. Instead, he found an immediate audience for his artwork and consequently began making a living as an artist. He tried his hand at watercolors and oils, finally settling on acrylics as his preferred medium.

Chris’ work has been exhibited in our country’s leading art shows as well as in galleries throughout the U.S., New Zealand, London, Tokyo, Switzerland and Germany. His work has also been included in the Birds in Art exhibit by Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum in 1991, ’92, and ’94.

Chris’s corporate collections include First National Bank of Southwestern Ohio, SK Construction, and Miami Steel Systems. His public commissions are featured at the Cincinnati Zoo in the cathouse and birdhouse with a total of 39 paintings.

Chris is also a member and supporter of many conservation organizations. They include the National Wild Turkey Federation (who selected Chris as their 1999 National Artist of the Year), the Ruffed Grouse Society, Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, Wisconsin Waterfowl Association, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Estimates indicate that in the past 20 years, Chris’ artwork has raised over 4.5 million dollars in his effort to help preserve land and animals for future generations to enjoy.

Chris’s efforts for conservation extend all the way to the South Pacific to his native land of New Zealand where he has formed an organization called S.P.A.C.E. (South Pacific Artist Conservation Effort). This organization hosts hunters and fisherman guided by Chris. The funds raised are put into the S.P.A.C.E. Trust and then dispersed as grants to various conservation groups including New Zealand DU. Through Chris’ efforts, he hopes these groups can help bring back some of the world’s most endangered bird species as well as the Tuatara, an aquatic reptile, which is the oldest living link to dinosaurs.

Chris resides in West Elkton, Ohio with his three sons. He is president of the Ohio Society of Nature Artists (OSNA).