Daniel K. Tennant

Daniel K. Tennant
Item# SVB0002

Daniel K. Tennant was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Attending Syracuse University, he was a full scholarship student, where he received his BFA in painting, magna cum laude. Highly respected as an artist and author, Tennant’s artwork and writing have appeared in American Artist, Airbrush Magazine, American Arts Quarterly, Airbrush Art and Action, The Artist’s Magazine, and Watercolor Magazine. His writing and artwork on gouache and techniques are currently published in six different books. In 1994 he was awarded the American Artist Achievement Award for Airbrush Teacher of the Year.

Tennant is considered one of the most technically proficient artists working in gouache today. Many of his paintings now reside in important private collections in the US and abroad. His originals are in the private collections of such notable companies as Moriah Publishing, Inc., Winchester Repeating Arms, Hallmark, and Mutual of New York.

Dan has always loved to draw and paint. “There was never any doubt that my calling in life was to be an artist. It is a God-given gift that I have tried to nurture and improve each year. My paintings are statements about things that are important to me. In this age of advanced technology and fast paced living, it is important to know there are still quiet places to see and experience.” About his art style he says, “ I live in a quiet and serene area of the country and I try to capture that mood in my work. I love crisp, detailed realism. In each painting I try to produce a piece that is painted well and offers art of the highest caliber. I have been using opaque watercolors for over twenty years and appreciate them more each year. They are my favorite medium.”

Tennant authored and illustrated the book, Photo Realistic Painting, published by Walter Foster Publications of California. Dan continues to show his highly detailed gouache paintings in a very prestigious gallery in New York City, New York.