Doug Miller

Doug Miller
Item# SVB0003

Doug Miller’s initial start as a professional artist began in 1981 in Leavenworth, Washington, a beautiful Bavarian village on the east side of the Cascade Mountains. There, the rugged wilderness and plentiful wildlife inspired many of his paintings. In 1994, he relocated to the desert expanses of central Washington to begin a new life and family. Born and reared on the plains of Kansas, Doug has a BA in art from Emporia State University. His early paintings depicted hard-edged abstractionism of the human figure. Having experimented in acrylic and watercolor, he now paints landscapes in oil. Wildlife is occasionally added, but it is usually of secondary importance.

Doug believes his most successful paintings are accomplished by spending hours observing nature. His love of the outdoors is reflected in his realistic attention to detail. He focuses on landscapes of the central and western states, as well as those of Alaska and Hawaii.

“In order to put my heart into a painting, I really need to have physically been there. I enjoy recreating the moment and the mood on canvas.” The attention to detail and the quality of Doug’s work require an unusual amount of time. Major paintings may take up to three months to develop the quality that he exacts from his work.

In the last decade, two of Doug’s paintings, “Olympic Rain Forest” and “Saguaro Scout” have landed in the top 100 finalists for the “Arts for the Park” competition.