Jim Tschetter

Jim Tschetter
Item# SVB0006

Born and raised in Colorado, Jim Tschetter was taught early in life to always respect and appreciate the outdoors and its wildlife. He was brought up hunting, trapping, packing, and fishing in primitive areas of southwestern Colorado, developing the unique capacity to overlook the hardships and thoroughly enjoy a lifestyle reminiscent of the late 1800's.

After graduating from CSU with a degree in parks and recreation, Jim worked several years as a helitack foreman for the Department of the Interior, before returning to the back-country as an elk-hunting guide. It was during this time that his desire to share the things he saw led him to discover his gift of painting.

Jim continues to spend several months a year escaping his studio to "get back in the saddle" and guide prospective elk hunters. These excursions refresh and renew his visions of the wilderness, also providing the subjects and circumstances of many of his paintings.

Primarily known as a wildlife/western artist, Jim frequently uses themes depicting the unique relationship between man and nature, or the influence of nature interacting with itself. His personal observations and careful attention to details convey an inherent authenticity that captures the moment, atmosphere, humor, and emotions of each situation. Since his first attempt at artwork (1985), Jim has quickly become recognized among many American and international collectors.

A Jim Tschetter painting brings its audience the opportunity to enjoy a way of life from the past which has slowly been replaced by modern society. Hopefully this past way of life will continue to be enjoyed, if not in person, then in our memories, grandfathers' stories, family albums, movies, artifacts, and of course, art.