Mia Lane

Mia Lane
Item# SVB0009

Mia Lane has been drawing and painting since she was old enough to pick up a pencil. Since then, sketching and painting became something of an obsession. “I’ve always known I would be an artist,” says the soft-spoken painter. “And I’ve always loved animals, so combining the two interests just came naturally.”

Color and life characterize her highly detailed acrylic paintings of animals. These stem from careful study and years of observation. Before starting each painting, Mia makes numerous sketches and photographs of the animal, carefully studying the way it moves and the distinctive features and markings that characterize the species or breed. Finally, she thoroughly researches the animal’s natural habitat to ensure that it is portrayed in an appropriate setting.

Mia attributes much of her success to a love of the outdoors and the encouragement of her friends and family. A devoted conservationist, Mia often tries to express her concern for the environment in her work. “I want my paintings to have a purpose,” she says. “I hope that in some way my wildlife art will make people aware of the need to protect the habitat of the creatures I paint.”

Mia Lane was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1955. After studying technical illustration at Sheridan College, and graduating in 1976, she was employed for seven years as a graphic designer with the Halton Region Conservation Authority. Since 1984, Mia has worked as a freelance artist and illustrator for clients across North America and Europe. In addition to the many commissions she receives for wildlife paintings and dog portraits, she has created packaging illustrations for a major dog food company, and completed numerous illustrations for Dogs in Canada magazine. In 1998, Canada Post commissioned Mia to create four special “Dogs of Canada” postage stamps to commemorate the Canadian Kennel Club’s centennial. The stamps were so well received that a special print of one of them was issued (a first for Canada Post).

Mia lives with her husband and her two children, Rebecca and Kyle, in Adolphustown, near Kingston, Ontario. When not at work in her studio or teaching art at Sonrise Christian Academy, she finds time to breed and train dogs, and pursues her hobby of photography.